Public-Private Cooperation (Partnership) Projects (PPP)

In our country, the construction (city hospitals, etc.), information systems, highways, energy, airports and similar other projects requiring high capital and investment expenditures are increasingly being realized through Public – Private Cooperation (Partnership) Projects (PPP: Public Private Projects) in recent years in order to ensure that the government avoids the assumption of full financial burden thereof and shares the financing, risks, ownership or operation thereof with private sector organizations.

Basic services offered by our Law Office in “Public-Private Cooperation (Partnership) Projects” field are as listed below:

  • Following the preparatory stage and progress for PPP project bid tenders organized by public authorities (also including establishment of a Joint Venture and project financing) and giving legal counseling and advice services during the process thereof.
  • After the contract is won and awarded, preparation, drafting and negotiation of the agreement to be signed with the public authority.

Preparation, drafting and negotiation of agreements to be signed with suppliers for supply of goods/services for the project.


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