About Us

Berker Berker Law Office, seated in Levent, heart of the business life in Istanbul, offers a very wide range of legal services to its local and foreign clients residing either in Turkey or abroad.

Thanks to the professional experiences of our founders going back many years and covering many different fields of law, our Law Office is very well aware of the real needs and demands of the commercial and corporate life. As a natural result thereof, at both servicing and counseling stages, we always take into consideration realities of commercial and corporate life and take care of actual needs and requirements of corporations. We ensure our clients to have direct access to accurate, true and current information in a short time, and offer result-oriented counseling services to them.

At all times, our primary goal is to prevent emergence of disputes whenever we assist a Client. However, if and when a dispute becomes unavoidable, our Law Office is able to take immediate and pragmatic actions in order to protect the rights and interests of its clients by making use of its vast experience in legal proceedings and arbitration.

Though it is basically active in almost all areas of the commercial law, our Law Office is particularly specialized on the fields of Company Law, Dispute Resolutions, Telecommunication Law, Banking and Finance Law, Contract Law, Real Property and Construction Law, Energy and Natural Resources Law, Admiralty and Insurance Law, Public-Private Cooperation Projects, Labor Law, Personal Data Protection Law and E-Commerce Law.


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